Pure in tone and dedicated in purpose, the Blue Sky was created by Strymon to deliver the sweetest reverbs known to mankind, in a compact pedal that fits on your board. Thanks to talented sound designers, programmers, a powerful SHARC processor and probably a million cups of coffee Strymon have excelled themselves. The Blue Sky offers three lush reverb tones and an impressive amount of control to get the sound exactly right.

You can switch each Plate, Room and Spring algorithm into Normal, Mod and Shimmer mode. This creates a total of 9 separate individual reverb sounds, from there you can tweak to your hearts content using Pre-Delay, Damping and Decay controls.

  • Pre-delay controller
  • Favourite switch to save your favourite settings
  • Bypass switch
  • High- and Low damping control
  • Mode switch: Normal, mod or shimmer
  • Type switch: Spring, room or plate reverb
  • True bypass
  • +/- 3 dB Adjustable Boost or Cut
  • Stereo input and stereo output
  • Incl. 9V power supply
  • Made in USA