With the FR-3/3s, Roland introduced the first compact V-Accordion to the market. With the FR-3b/3sb, Roland launches the first compact 92- button-type Accordion. The FR-3b/3sb (“b” stands for button) offers the same flexibility and portability of the compact FR-3s model and the amazing expressiveness of the Roland button-type V-Accordions.

  • 92-button keyboard with the ability to change the layout of the Treble button keyboard
  • 7 new Orchestral Chord/Orchestral Free Bass registers with new sounds
  • Onboard MIDI socket
  • The FR-3sb/3b  has a compartment for optional AA-type batteries (one-way or rechargeable)
  • Bellows Resistant Regulator
  • The FR-3sb  features an onboard digital amplifier and two speakers. The FR-3b doesn’t have speakers, and is therefore the lightest member of the V-Accordion family (it is just as flexible, however, as the FR-3sb)