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The exceptional high-quality sound and durability of the U series have been achieved through outstanding design, thorough quality control of the wood materials, and unique application of advanced technology to craft parts that are resistant to warping and twisting. The result is extraordinarily smooth and sensitive playability, with even the most delicate nuances preserved and given full expression. We have packed all of Yamaha’s unique commitment in this instrument to ensure that your piano playing enjoyment lasts for a long time. The design of this piano has stood the test of time and has won a large part of the esteemed reputation Yamaha Corp has earned.Is a perfect size for the home, church, or studio space. Being one of the most popular pianos in the world we always carry a large stock of Yamaha U3’s ranging in age and use. As with any piano, each is slightly different from another. Although the action of the Yamaha piano is widely known for being exact across the board, the tone of each individual piano will cater to a different ear. We highly suggest that any buyer should visit our store to experience the uniqueness of each piano.

The tallest an most distinguished model of the U series at 131 cm in height, providing even greater expressiveness and playability.

  • Advanced Scale Design
  • Soundboard and Frame
  • Redesigned Hammers
  • Soft-Close Fallboard
  • Incl. piano bench