Boss GT-100 · Guitar Multi Effects

The Boss GT-100 amp effects processor features COSM amp modelling that models vintage amp tones and delivers never before heard tones. A new dual LCD display offers simple and intuitive operation with direct access to all parameters. Other features of the Boss GT-100 include an improved EZ Tone feature with a graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches and customization options.

Boss has fitted the GT-100 with easy to operate dual LCD eight-knob user interface that provides quick access and intuitive control with no menus to navigate. Every parameter is always available for instant adjustment. Tone customization functionality has been improved with all amps, patches, and overdrive settings which can be created from scratch and/or customized with the user-friendly graphical Tone Grid.

The Boss GT-100’s Accel pedal is able to control multiple parameters at once, as well as time-variant effects such as Twist, Feed backer, and S-Bend. Use the pedal to create combinations of parameters, interacting in real time.

The Boss GT-100 includes another new feature: A/B Channel Divide. With it, you assign different amps and effects to each channel and divide the signal by dynamics and by frequency. Each channel drives its own effects and amp settings. Assign lead tones to the mid-to-high pitches, and gritty, cutting tones to your lower notes.