With its extreme gain, the ML-2 is the most potent and heavy distortion pedal ever created by BOSS. It easily delivers massive distortion and gain with heavy lows for playing Nu Metal, Grind Core, Industrial, Hard Core, or any genre that requires crushing sound. The ML-2’s ferocious and biting tone will complement and cut through any blast beats your rhythm section can create.

The Boss ML-2 Metal Core Effects Pedal finally offers the grinding, thick distortion that is so necessary for metal. Many ”metal” distortion pedals simply offer an excessive amount of gain and slap the ”metal” moniker on the pedal- not the ML-2.

This pedal has been designed with the sole intention of being heavier and fatter than any distortion pedal previously, and that includes more than just increasing the gain. The tone and attack of the whole pedal has been shaped to be razor sharp to cut through even the most congested mix with ease, the tone control is incredibly responsive however and it’s possible to dial this back all the way for sludgier, doomier tones.Of course, the ML-2 does have gain on tap and can get ridiculously hot at higher levels but its the attention given to the rest of the design being tailored just to metal players and heavier musical styles that makes the ML-2 so special

  • Ultra-heavy distortion with sharp-edged attack for crushing metal riffs
  • LOW control for heavy, low frequency sound a la 7-string guitar or dropped tuning
  • HIGH control for screaming, metallic tone
  • Road-tough BOSS metal construction
  • From hot and crispy to fat, sludgy distortion with the indomitable ML-2
  • Attack-focused tone sculpting ensures you always cut through the mix
  • Straightforward four knob layout for quickly dialling in crushing metal tones