• Adjustable Uni-Lock Tilter for personalised cymbal angles
  • Double braced legs, and rubber grips prevent slippage
  • Nylon bushing pipe joint to protect your cymbals from keyholing
  • Positive locking gear tilters keep your cymbals firmly set-up where you put them

The Pearl BC-830 Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand is an adaptable yet durable stand, ideal for the intermediate drummer looking for an upgrade. With an infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock tilter, sturdy double braced legs and positive-locking gear tilters for slip-proof cymbal positioning, this reliable cymbal stand does exactly what you need. The stand also features a pipe joint with Nylon bushing, preventing unwanted noise from metal-to-metal contact, giving you the most accurate sound with no disruption – ideal for recording situations. A chrome finish helps this look seamless with other hardware.