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SLM Becomes Exclusive Full Line Distributor of Mooer Effects &  Amplification « MMR Magazine – Musical Merchandise Review

  • Boasts a colossal range of features including 164 effects, 108 preamp models, and more
  • Special synth engine turns your guitar into a full electronic synth without special pickups
  • Sample your own amps and guitars to create your own models with Tone Capture software
  • Find out why Mooer are tipping this as their best unit yet…

Your full live setup. Your next studio session. Your upcoming rehearsal. Everything you need is here – all in one place. The Mooer GE300 Multi Effects Pedal brings a gigantic range of voices, effects, preamps, and functions into a single unit that’s compact, fast, and easy to use. You’ve never had such an all-encompassing sound kit at your disposal.

It’s loaded with 164 effects. That’s enough to put even the most extensive of pedalboards to shame. There are also 108 preamps, with each model meticulously designed using samples taken from actual tube amps. There’s sampling, a full synth engine that lets you turn any guitar into an electronic synthesizer, a 30 minute loop station, 43 speaker cab models, and much more. Listing everything that the GE300 does would take an eternity. So just know this – it’s got everything you need to take your sound to the next level. And the level above that. And the one above that…