• Order-No.: SE 374
  • Release Date: 29.06.2022
  • Price: 179.90 EUR
  • Tuning: C Pygmy
  • Tones: C4, D4, D#4, G4, A#4, C5, D5, D#5
  • Material: steel
  • High quality workmanship
  • Color: Red
  • Diameter: approx. 25 cm
  • Incl. 2 mallets, cotton bag

The Melody Tongue Drum 10″ C Pygmy Red is a handy steel tongue drum with a diameter of about 25 centimeters. With its warm and soothing sound, it is suitable for relaxation in everyday life as well as for the early musical education of children. The eight tone fields of the Sela Melody Tongue Drum 10″ C Pygmy Red lie on the Pygmy scale. This creates harmonic sounds that enchant listeners when playing this tongue drum.

Since all notes of the Melody Tongue Drum 10″ C Pygmy Red fit harmoniously to each other, a melodious sound is always created when playing without any “wrong” notes. Therefore, this instrument is recommended not only for experienced music lovers and professional sound therapists, but especially for beginners with no previous musical knowledge.

To get you started right out of the box, each Sela Melody Tongue Drum comes with two high-quality mallets with birch wood handles and round rubber heads. The tone fields can also be struck with the fingers. Thanks to its compact size, the Sela Melody Tongue Drum finds a chic place everywhere – whether at home, in the office, in the yoga studio or even on the road in your luggage. For safe transport, a practical cotton bag is included, which is lined with red velvet on the inside. Rubber feet ensure a secure stand, and a rubber ring also protects the outer edge of the reed drum from scratches and dents.