The Melodica is a fun instrument to play, with its own personal sound character. 2 types of mouth pieces and carrying bag are included.

It’s an ideal instrument for children and music teachers, due to the simpel playing technique. It never runs dry, simply blow into the mouth piece and play. Can’t get much simpler!

  • Melodica entry model for adult. This model has grown into an instrument loved by artists that goes beyond the boundaries of educational instruments.
  • The included mouthpiece is a flexible mouthpiece that is a bit different from the one for education model. Since it is a shape memory type, the hose part does not hang down, making it suitable for standing performance and for vocalists to play between performances.
  • The case is a soft case with a shoulder strap and the case is fashionable in bright yellow!
  • For keyboard players who are usually playing behind, having the melodica you can play alongside vocalists.
  • In addition to the included flexible mouthpiece, all Suzuki mouthpieces are compatible to use.