You will never be bored. With over 100 stompbox effects to choose from, including many of Line 6’s legendary stylers, you can be sure you have everything at your fingertips. Being able to use three effects simultaneously, you can find the golden combinations that will take your music to new heights. And you can have three more effects ready when you want to change.

You can also save your favorite combinations, or ‘scenes’. That way, you can access them at any time using the simple interface. The tones of each effect can also be adjusted using the dedicated control dials. With these resources in your hands, nothing will stop you from looking for the perfect sound.

Perfect for shows
Everything under one roof. In addition to the wide range of supreme effects, this pedal also offers a variety of additional features that will be useful. There is a tuner, which allows you to adjust the instrument quickly and with complete precision. And there is also a looper that allows you to record up to 28 seconds of your playback and use it as an accompaniment track.

Then there is the solid outer coating. Built to be stepped on, it keeps the Line 6 M9 protected from damage while you race through its effects. And there are the True Bypass and DSP Bypass options for a clean signal when you’re not using the pedal. Expressive pedal sockets, MIDI input / output, Universal tap Tempo synchronization and much more are also included in this compact and powerful machine. It is a real power.

Access a variety of quality effects, from chorus to distortion. Create your sound using up to three effects simultaneously. Create your own stand with the onboard looper. Everything you need on a single pedal