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Fully-Weighted Hammer Action

88-Note, fully weighted, hammer action with 10 levels of adjustable touch sensitivity.

30 Inspiring Factory Presets

Enjoy a wide variety of preset sound selections featuring acoustic/electric pianos, organ, and orchestral instruments. The M115 also provides the full 128 General MIDI standard soundset.

30 Rhythm Accompaniment Patterns

Choose from a variety of pre-recorded backing rhythmic as well as adjustable metronome patterns to play along with.

Split / Layer / Duo Performance Modes

Combine two sounds together either in a layered combination or split keyboard with relative volume adjustment. Duo mode facilitates duet performances.

MIDI Song Recorder

Record up to 4000 notes of your own keyboard performances with the M115’s easy-to-use song recorder features.

Built-In Educational Songs

The convenient lesson mode allows students to learn the piano using a built-in collection of songs from Beyer, Czerny, Sonatine, Hanon and Burgmuller.