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A world of great sounds, right at your fingertips. The Kurzweil KP150 Portable Arranger will revolutionise your approach to the way that you perform and produce music. Thanks to the inclusion of 61 synth-action, full-size keys, you’ll be able to take on any show or session that comes your way. Their velocity-sensitive nature allows you to perform with an incredible amount of expression. So much so, it’ll feel like you’re playing the real thing.

You’ll be covered for anything with the KP150. The inclusion of over 600 presets cover a lot of ground. From traditional pianos, to choirs and strings, as well as everything in between. The wide array of studio quality sounds on offer allow you to ensure that demanding arrangements can be performed with absolute conviction, in any live setting.

Improve your chops and wow audiences thanks to state-of-the-art accompaniment. The KP150 provides 200 musical styles Thanks to this, you’ll be granted access to the world’s greatest backing bands, allowing you to grow as both a musician and performer. The in-built four speaker system eliminates the need for bulky PAs when performing in intimate settings, whilst the included headphone jack allows you to practice in isolation. Use the in-built microphone input to connect microphones directly to the keyboard for instant vocal accompaniment. Take your shows to new heights thanks to Kurzweil!