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Kurzweil KDA 35

The new Kurzweil KDA35 amplifier has been designed to work with electronic drum kits, such as the KD1S. The compact wedge-shaped monitor has 35W RMS power and uses a 10-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter. Thanks to the inclination of the wall in which the speakers are mounted at an angle of 45 °, the shape of the housing is perfectly optimized for the musician sitting behind the drums. The KDA35 is equipped with an input jack for connecting a drum kit and a 2-band equalizer. We also have the option of pairing the amplifier with a smartphone or other device to play music sent via Bluetooth technology. The volume of the connected drums and the audio signal received wirelessly can be adjusted independently with dedicated knobs. The monitor weighs less than 10 kg, and its carrying is facilitated by the handle. The power supply is provided by a built-in battery (fully charged, it is enough for 3 hours of operation), but we can also use a 24V power adapter.