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Striking New Look, Inspiring New Sounds,
Completely Redesigned Stage Piano – the Grandstage X

Meet the Grandstage X, Korg’s flagship stage piano, now completely redesigned with seven inspiring sound engines, 700 preloaded sounds, a user-friendly interface, and a sleek aesthetic design. Every aspect of the Grandstage X is intuitively arranged, empowering you to select and play your favorite sounds effortlessly. With its elegant, light ivory two-toned body and perforated side panels, the Grandstage X not only delivers the highest sonic quality but also stands as a visual centerpiece whether on stage or in the studio.

Grandstage X is not just a stage piano; it’s a statement of excellence. Prepare to elevate your performance and let the Grandstage X take you and your music to new heights.


Refine Your Sound with Effects and EQ

Grandstage X provides easy control of Reverb and Delay directly on the main panel, allowing you to quickly switch between effect types and adjust the depth.
A new shimmer reverb has also been added and 3-band equalizer is also provided to adjust the overall sound character to fit the acoustic characteristics of each live venue.


Effortlessly Thicken Sounds with the Unison Function


The “Unison” function, familiar to analog synths but unique to stage pianos, is provided. By adding this function to the synth sound or FM piano, a chorus-like expansive and outstanding effect can be obtained. The number of notes can also be adjusted by using the unison slider.


Key-Touch Slider for Instant Expressive Control

The key-touch slider allows you to instantly control how the volume and timbre of the keys change with each keystroke, allowing you to customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time to suit the music you are playing. Simply adjusting this slider gives you the sensation of playing a more or less sensitive keybed, enhancing the expressiveness of the Grandstage X as you find the perfect position to suit your own, individual playing style.