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This ultra compact guitar and bass tuner delivers accurate tuning every time – Just plug it directly into your instrument

Since the Pitchjack has a built-in jack, simply plug it directly into your guitar or bass, turn on the power, and youre ready to tune. Its a must-have item for every guitarist and bassist. You can adjust the viewing angle of the Pitchjacks display to compensate for your instruments body shape or the angle of its output jack. Use this guitar and bass tuner on the street, in your rehearsal space, when youve changed strings in the studio, or when youve picked up your instrument in your bedroom, giving you the ability to play in tune at any time.


  • A guitar and bass tuner that plugs directly into your instrument jack
  • Flat tuning mode allows for tuning seven semitones below original pitch
  • Tunes seven-string guitars and six-string basses
  • Simple and portable design that you can attach to your keychain or fit in your pocket
  • LED flash light for on-stage illumination