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The most compact of the DXR mkII Series speakers, the DXR8mkII makes the most of its 1100W of power, delivering extremely high output while maintaining outstanding resolution. Adding a DXS12mkII subwoofer gives you an ultra-compact high-power SR system.

As loud as a 200 strong brass band, but a bit easier to carry. The Yamaha DXR8mkII 8” Active PA Speaker delivers an impressive 130 dB SPL output in a portable and easy to use package. Chock full of the latest in audio technology, the DXR8mkII is smarter than your average speaker.As well as the incredible volume, you’ll be struck by the detail and quality of the audio reproduction. Only the best drivers and components are used in the construction of the speaker. Everything is controlled by advanced DSP to give you the best possible sound.An automatic multi-band compressor, flexible on board mixer, phase managing crossover, and efficient class D amplifiers combine on the cutting edge of audio technology. The result is simple. Great live sound.