The VX2 was a dual-tube, multipattern large-diaphragm microphone manufactured in the US by CAD. Two headbasket/capsule assemblies were included, offering two designs and sonic colors within one mic.

Perhaps most unusually, CAD made available a digital output option, which installed within the included power supply. The ADC was capable of 24-bit, 96kHz operation and included its own VU meter for monitoring levels. Both XLR and RCA output jacks were provided for digital output.

The primary capsule measures 1.25” (~32mm) inside diameter, 1.5” outside diameter. Called the Optema, this large-diaphragm capsule had dual diaphragms and was capable of multipattern operation. The diaphragms themselves were made of 3-micron Mylar and were center-terminated.

In the VX2, each side of the capsule had its own independent tube circuit and output transformer. The 12AX7 tube amplifying the capsule outputs is a dual-triode; each half was wired to one of the two diaphragms.

The 12AU7 tube drives the output transformers. Presumably it, too, was wired as two separate output circuits.

The second capsule measures 1.1” in diameter and is characterized as having a brighter sound.