Admira Alba 3/4 size guitar is perfect for young players who are new to the guitar world.

With manufacturing carefully controlled in the Far East by Spanish-trained luthiers, the Alba stays true to the purpose set out by its Spanish older sibling – the Almeria – and it delivers a great tone bound to enhance the learning of any student or enthusiastic amateur.

Our Beginner guitars are our high-quality, entry-level models that will help you sound like a professional. Great designs using top-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure this range of guitars are a joy to play and will make learning fun and as easy as possible.

  • Three quarter size classical guitar suitable for approx ages 8-12
  • Nylon strings mean this is a superb guitar for beginners
  • Superior quality student guitar made under the supervision of Spanish trained luthiers
  • Constructed from high quality tonewoods such as; Pine, sapelli, mahogany & rosewood for a richer sound