Carved with animal illustrations. The sound of this didgeridoo is powerful and deep with less overtones. The counter – pressure is not very powerful, therefore you need a litte more breath for playing it. Fitting bags and bee wax for the mouthpiece are available in our shop. Length: 120cm

The authentic didgeridoo of Australian origin is built in the traditional way by communities in northern Australia or by people who travel to central Australia in search of the raw material. For the construction of these instruments, hard trunks are used, especially eucalyptus, an abundant tree in that region. Sometimes native bamboo species are used. In general, the entire trunk is cut, but a branch that is considered strong enough can be used in place of the entire trunk. Aboriginal artisans who build the didgeridoo also use logs that have been potholed by termites. When they find a usable tree, they select the branch, remove the bark, adorn the ends and the instrument takes shape. At this point the newly constructed didgeridoo can be painted and beeswax can be added to the mouthpiece of the instrument.