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A new origin.

The microKORG, one of the most iconic and recognizable synths in the history of music, revolutionized the music world with its unique form factor and unmistakable sounds, making it an industry standard for musicians everywhere. Used in countless legendary performances and recordings, its legacy spans more than 20 years. Renowned and loved by musicians, sound engineers, producers and gadget buffs everywhere, the microKORG has now evolved to a more powerful, more flexible and richer level – the new microKORG.

While retaining some of the iconic aspects of the original , including the convenient portable size, easy to play mini keybed, the large dial for selecting program genres or the vocoder with dedicated mic, the new microKORG offers a completely new, powerful sound engine, many more useable programs, a visually astounding user interface, and so much more.

The new microKORG features a gorgeous 2.8-inch full-color IPS LCD display that not only makes editing incredibly easy and intuitive, but brings immediate information and instant gratification as users can visually shape and “see” their sounds. As well as a powerful vocal processor with harmonizer and hard-tuning functions, the new microKORG also features a loop recorder that makes it the perfect production and performance tool for today’s diverse music world and beyond.

Beloved by musicians worldwide, its intuitive interface and powerful, rich, diverse sound make the new microKORG the ideal synth for anyone ready to explore the magic of synthesis.

A new standard: the new microKORG.


Unparalleled user experience

The new microKORG retains the iconic one-knob genre selection for intuitive sound browsing, as well as the five dedicated edit knobs to quickly manipulate your chosen parameters on the fly. The bank selection concept is also expanded with a new categorization system so you can capture the changing sounds of each era, including Classical, Modern and Future.

The microKORG’s control panel gets a vibrant makeover with a 2.8-inch color display. Visually edit sounds with animated parameter guides, keeping all five knobs in clear view for stress-free tweaking. Want to see the sonic impact of your edits? A single touch transforms the display into an oscilloscope, letting you watch your sound come alive.

Bridging the gap between power and playability, the microKORG’s revamped interface unlocks advanced sound editing with surprising ease. Familiar to veterans, intuitive for newcomers, it lets you explore sonic frontiers without losing the microKORG’s signature workflow.


Newly designed vocal processor

The original microKORG was well-known for its easy to use vocoder with a dedicated mic and one of the reasons for its unfading popularity.

The new microKORG takes this concept to the next level and features a brand-new powerful vocal processor. In addition to vocoder effects, this new vocal processor features industry-standard hard-tune pitch correction effects, along with a harmonizer that lets you pitch-shift and layer the original vocal sound. You can also apply reverb, delay and other effects to the vocal processor’s signal output.

Enjoy playing the new microKORG with the dedicated gooseneck mic that sports a metallic neck, to get the vocals you’ve dreamed of live or in the studio.

Inspiring loop recorder

The new microKORG features a loop recorder, which lets you create backing tracks by looping and overdubbing given parts of music, making it the ideal tool for on-the-go live performances. The three dedicated buttons—record, play/stop and undo/redo—make loop recording super simple for anyone.

The recording and playback settings can easily be modified thanks to its easily accessible dedicated menus, so any player can get started making music right away.

Of course, the microKORG wouldn’t be complete without its built-in easy to use arpeggiator.

Use the loop recorder and arpeggiator to craft layers of sound and discover where your unique performance will take you.